Parking at Business Centre Overstad

Business Centre Overstad has its own underground parking garage with 125 parking spaces. Hence parking is no problem for staff, customers and other visitors of the companies located in Business Centre Overstad. The parking garage is also available for shoppers and tourists. The entrance to the parking garage is located on De Simsonstraat 1 (see Contact & Route). If you park in the garage, then you are right in the center of the shopping, work and residential area of Overstad and just 5 minutes walk from the historic city center of Alkmaar.

Opening Hours

On Monday till Sunday from: 5.30 - 19.00 hours and on Thursday (shopping) night from: 19:00 - 22:00 hours.

Parking Fee

Parking at Business Centre Overstad is very affordable as you only pay € 1,- per hour with a maximum of € 5,- per day in advance for a whole day (you can park from the time you arrive until the parking closes).


You can pay with coins, debit card (Maestro & V-Pay) and credit card (Master & Visa). The payment instructions can be found on the payment machine.

Paid Parking with Xpark

Your license plate is registered when you enter the parking garage. Immediately after you park the car in an available parking space, you pay in advance on the license plate for the number of hours you expect to park (this is just like you are used to when parking on the street). Print your receipt so that you know exactly when you have arrived, with a timely return you can immediately exit. If you come back later, pay the extra parking time before you leave the parking garage to prevent costs and/or a fine.

Example 1: you drive into the parking garage at 2 pm and want to park for two hours (until 4 pm). You then pay € 2,- in advance at the pay terminal. If you come back on time (around 4 pm), you can immediately exit. If you have parked for 1 hour longer, you will have to pay an additional € 1,- extra at the pay terminal before you leave. If you have been away for 3 hours extra or longer, you will pay a maximum of € 3,- extra because the maximum daily rate is € 5,-. You can then finish until 7 pm on most days of the week and on Thursday (shopping night) until 10 pm.

Example 2: you drive into the parking garage at 8 o'clock in the morning and want to park all day until closing time (7 pm). The parking time is 11 hours, but you pay a maximum of € 5,- and you can finish before closing time (7 pm). On Thursday you can stay for € 5,- until 10 pm shopping night.

Example 3: you want to park on Saturday and Sunday and drive into the parking garage at 11 am in the morning. After parking your car you pay at the pay terminal € 10,- in advance (so 2 ​​times € 5,-) and you can stay until 7 pm on Sunday. If you only want to leave on Monday, you pay an additional € 5,-. The daily rate is in principle from 0:00 am to midnight, but you can only enter and leave the parking garage during the indicated opening times.

Paid Parking Terms & Conditions

Parking takes place at your own risk and when parking on this site you accept the conditions that the owner sets on this site. The full terms and conditions that apply in this parking garage can be found by clicking on this link Terms and Conditions Parking Business Center Overstad >>

Important Restrictions

• Maximum speed in the parking garage is 5 km per hour;
• Maximum entrance height is 2.10 meters;
• Maximum vehicle weight is 2.8 tonnes;
• Trailers, caravans and the like are prohibited.


Slideshow of Business Centre Overstad

Below a photo impression of the location and underground parking garage of Business Centre Overstad.