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At the Noordhollandsch Kanaal, in the heart of Alkmaar and within walking distance of the historic city center of Alkmaar, is an attractive and lively shopping, working and residential area called Overstad. The modern building of Business Centre Overstad is located here in a prominent location and with more than 12,000 m2 of retail, office and other business functions provides a significant share of business activity in Overstad and the city of Alkmaar in general.



The building is surrounded by the following streets: Noorderstraat, De Simsonstraat (entrance of underground parking) and De Jagerstraat. Business Centre Overstad is located next to the Design Center Van Til Interieur, a short walk from Central Station (NS), the Town Hall of Alkmaar, the Police Station, the District Court of Alkmaar, several schools and shopping mall Arcade, which include a Media Markt and Telstar Megastore. Furthermore, the ring road around Alkmaar can be reached in all directions within minutes. This makes Business Centre Overstad perfectly accessible by foot, public transportation and car. And you are from Business Centre Overstad by car or train within 45 minutes at Schiphol Amsterdam Airport as well.


Development of the Overstad area

In the coming years, Overstad will transform further into a lively center of Alkmaar. The construction of a new entertainment complex, which will include a cinema, movie house and casino, has already started. Furthermore there are plans to restore the historical buildings of the former chocolate factory called Ringers, which are located across from Business Centre Overstad, to its original state. These new developments not only improve the connection to the historical city center, but will also significantly improve the regional function and attractiveness of Alkmaar.

In addition, a new bicycle and pedestrian bridge will be opened soon and make access to the Central Station (NS) and the Court even faster.

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For Rent

On the top floor of Business Centre Overstad are a number of units in different sizes for rent. The main entrance of the building is located at the Noorderstraat, but access via De Jagerstraat or directly from the underground parking garage via De Simsonstraat, are possible as well.

Currently available for rent "Casco" and "Turn-key" business and/or shopping units:

Various turn-key Noorderstraat De Jagerstraat 24

Click on one of the photo's above to go directly to the information page of the concerning business and/or shopping unit.



Business Centre Overstad has its own underground parking garage and the ring road around Alkmaar can be reached within minutes. Furthermore, in the direct vicinity of the building there are hundreds of public parking spaces available.

Opening hours:

On Monday till Saturday from: 5.30 - 19.00 hours and on Thursday (shopping) evening: 19.00 - 22.00 hours and on shopping Sunday: 8.00 - 19.00 hours.



Slideshow Business Centre Overstad

Below you can find a photo impression of Business Centre Overstad.

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